How To Change Your Skincare Routines According To Seasons

How To Change Your Skincare Routines According To Seasons


Seasonal change in Skincare routine

Now you're probably thinking, "Oh, why should I change anything? I just found my perfect habit?!" Believe me, I know! But like the rest of our body’s skin, facial skin has the ability to change with the seasons. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a moisturizer or switching to a lighter moisturizer, either way, it’s important to understand how and why you change your skincare products with the changing seasons! Here’s a general guide to keep in mind when dealing with some small seasonal and skin changes. Let's go in order, shall we?

Clean your skin in the spring

Let's start with spring. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, the breeze was warm, we went in and out indefinitely and no air conditioning was needed. Now, our skin is very happy with itself. This season, many of us have only one thing in common: allergies. Allergies affect the skin in several ways, one of which is swelling and/or dryness. Because? When we take medications for allergies, they dehydrate our bodies inside and out. Generally, during the allergy season, we take medications to relieve outbreaks, but dry skin can also occur. This can cause many reactions, such as dry skin, flaky spots, and even dry fine lines around the eyes and mouth. These can be easily controlled with something as simple as a hydrating booster. Whether it is watery or greasy, there is always a watery drink for your skin.

Tips for spring skincare

Anti-allergic medications used to relieve spring allergies can dry out the skin. Don’t you worry! A hydrating booster like Koric Hydration and Anti-Aging collection or Naturally Nourishing Collection can help relieve some dryness If necessary, change the moisturizer as needed due to changes in the skin

Dry summer? Needs moisture

The next stop on our time travel is summer. Ah, in the summer. It is much hotter outside than a whimsical spring, and you are more likely to feel hot, and sweaty. Yes, swim all day! Usually, summer is the time when our skin can experience very harsh conditions. Although we have found the Bes skin care regimen, the illuminating moisturizer is very necessary for the summer. This is because our moisturizers tend to feel very heavy and thick during the day when our face sweats more and makes us feel bored or full. Switching to a lighter moisturizer is an ideal way to soothe drowned skin during the hot summer months. Daily cleansing and exfoliation are essential to prevent acne and blackheads, especially during this time. Professional advice: an essential moisturizer with integrated sunscreen to prevent sunburn! I can highly recommend it.

Tips for moving to summer skincare

A light moisturizer helps make your skin feel very heavy and tired in the summer. Cleans and exfoliates to prevent rashes in summer. More time in the sun? SPF is a must. You can always try Koric Daily Glow the skincare for glowing skin or Naturally Nourishing to get some relief from heavy summer effect. 

A Fall on Skincare

Then we have our beloved fall. When the weather starts to cool down, nature really comes into play as the leaves change and the light of day. At this point, our skin can feel good with spring. Not much happens to our skin, except that yes, you guessed it ... Allergies! Autumn is another time of year when the vast majority of people suffer from allergies as the seasons change. This season’s transition tips are relevant to the spring transition. However, if you are in a place where you could experience fall, one thing to keep in mind is to add a soothing and calming ingredient to help relieve the rigors of cold weather.

Tips for switching to flaky skincare

Autumn is back and your allergies can ruin your skin. If you are frozen, try skin care products that will soothe and soothe your skin In general, be careful to maintain your skin's moisture levels as you would in the spring.

Winter coats ... for your skin

Last but not least, we have a fantastic winter. There is bright snow, bells, cold winds, snowmen and snowball fights. What can go wrong? Let’s be honest, there are a lot of problems with our skin during the winter months. The colder and drier the air, the more red, sensitive and irritated our skin becomes. It's important to combat these symptoms with hydrating and calming products to both soothe on contact and defend and protect. Heavier moisturizers are used in the winter months due to their ability to defend the skin with a layer of hydration but to also aid in eliminating the ability for further assault and inflammation. Thicker, heavier moisturizers lessen our skin's ability to lose its water content and ensure its correct moisture content.

Winter skincare transition tips

Sensitive, irritated, and inflamed skin can be side effects of cold, dry air. Hydrating and calming products will help soothe, defend and protect winter skin. Opt for heavier moisturizers in the winter for an extra layer of protection against the winter conditions and preserve the skin's moisture content. We recommend you to use Organic Work’s Daily Hydration collection.

A tip for all seasons

No matter what season you are transitioning into, it is always recommended to listen to your skin. Listen to how it is feeling, notice how it appears in the mirror; consider adjusting your skin care regimen to best work with your surrounding conditions. A common mistake in the beauty world and we get panic when things start to go wrong. We feel the need to make unnecessary changes. That's all! We are humans and we have the right to make mistakes and think. That’s why we have professionals who can help you navigate the land of the wild wonders of skincare and on your way to healthy skin. A clear understanding of how to respond to seasonal changes and skin conditions is most effective to get better and healthier skin. In case of serious skin problems, take advice from dermatologists or skincare experts and follow their prescribed skincare regimen.