We are Koric, and here at Koric Labs we are on a mission - to make you fall in love with your skin! After years of research, sweat and tears, Koric has finally come to life; a skincare brand with an aim to give you the best that science and nature have to offer with a group of products that address ‘each & every skincare issue’.

We have spent the last 2 years understanding all aspects of how the skin works, to bring you a brand that not only recognises the needs of different skin types and concerns, but also the need to nourish the skin from within, the need for skin that’s happy, healthy and makes you fall in love with it. We believe in lab driven formulas, backed by research, and an unyielding belief in transparency and efficacy. We ensure that there is nothing in our products that has even the smallest chance to have a harmful effect on your body and our environment.

What we keep out?

Parabens | Petrolatum | Sulphates | Silicons | Mineral Oils | Synthetic Fragrances | Ethanolamin

The Organic Technique TMWe useorganic ingredients derived from botanical sourcesand combine them with advanced,clinically proven active ingredients,for a range of products that are effective, non-irritating, and nourishing. Just because something is natural, it does not mean it is effective, and just because something is clinically proven, it does not mean it will be nourishing. We have harnessed the power of organic, botanical ingredients, and clinically proven active ingredients, to createproducts that are perfectly balanced – effective yet nourishing