Skincare Tips in Your 20’s

Skincare Tips in Your 20’s


Best Routine For 20's Skincare

While you might not be apprehensive about the condition of your skin in your 20’s, now is the perfect time to put in place a good skincare routine. It's wise to prioritize your skin in your 20’s, but keep the routine simple. The goal in your 20’s is to keep your skin healthy, acne-free, and wrinkle-free.

You'll always look young if you develop these healthy skin habits in your 20’s. It's important to start with a consistent skincare routine that includes normal & skin-friendly products like cleansers, creams/ moisturizers, serums, face oil, and sunscreen, etc. Adding a physical exfoliant like a scrub, and peeling serum to your daily skincare routine can help prevent future breakouts, smooth skin texture, and stimulate cell renewal.

Here we suggest the few hot shot skincare products that every man and woman under 30 should be using, but women over 30 should also take note. Here in Koric we recommend the following products

A. Cleansing and Discovering Cleanser is the thoughtful process:

We recommend you start your day with Koric Vitamin C Exfoliating Cleanser, a multi-tasking formulation that deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin, and helps in removing excess oil, impurities, and even the most stubborn makeup. Koric Superfood Daily Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that is infused with skin-friendly ingredients like rice protein & melatonin which help to detoxify, cleanse and dissolve daily impurities while helping to improve the appearance of your skin’s texture.

B. Toning and Using Toner are necessary:

We recommend you to follow the CTM (Cleansing- Toning- Moisturizing) process religiously. Koric Vitamin C Radiance Boost Tonic is a kind that gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it smooth, clear & hydrated which helps to make the skin more even-toned and radiant but if you feel a bit extra dry after cleansing you can also use Koric Youth Boost Lotus Tonic a unique blend to hydrates & maintains the natural pH balance of the skin leaving it fresh & clean replenished, moisturized, smoother, glowing skin tone.

C. Moisturizer and its a hydrating necessity:

We recommend you to start using Koric Vitamin C Radiance Day cream, and Koric Youth Boost Lotus Moisturiser to protect and nourish your skin all day, every day!

D. Block the SUN: 

In 20’s we all love to go out and have fun around. We all love to go to beaches, fields, water parks, etc., but we all get exposed to SUN. Although it’s good for synthesizing Vitamin D the harmful UV rays can cause a host of skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, tan, early aging of the skin to skin cancer. To shield your skin from the sun we recommend you to use Koric Vitamin C Radiance Day Cream which helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and promotes an even skin tone while helping to protect the skin from sun damage.

E. Don’t Forget the Exfoliant:

To continue daily collagen renewal, exfoliate every day. Products containing salicylic, alpha, and/or beta hydroxy acids like Koric Vitamin C Toning Face Scrub, and Koric 10% AHA Peeling Serum help to slough off dead skin cells and remove dirt from the skin's surface, as well as get beneath the surface to unclog pores, prevent future breakouts, smooth texture and encourage cell renewal to stimulate.

F. Retinol is a strategic factor: 

Your pores and skin begins off evolved to lose the capacity to restore themselves beginning in your 20’s, so it’s critical to begin early with an anti-growing old regimen. The use of the conservative method of each retinol and glycolic will dramatically sluggish down the growing old at the same time as setting up a healthful routine. Incorporation of Koric Youth Boost Retinol Serum and Koric Double Action Collagen Serum is the handiest way to achieve this goal. Retinol is an outstanding anti-ager, however, it additionally allows for retaining pimples at bay, which makes the famous person aspect a skincare favorite.

G. Jump Start your anti-aging procedure: 

Everyone has a different philosophy when it comes to anti-aging. Incorporating at least one anti-aging and anti-oxidant product into your skincare routine could be a great way to ease the process and also test ingredients that work for you. Start with a product that contains Vitamin C or other antioxidants. These products like Koric 12.5% Vitamin C Serum, and Koric Vitamin C Restoring Night Serum help prevent premature skin aging by preventing oxidative damage caused by UV rays and pollution.

H. Stop your adult acne softly:

 Acne appears long after high school, but it's important to treat it before it gets worse. During this time, random outbreaks may still occur. Don't over-dry your skin with standard over-the-counter treatments. We recommend Koric 10% AHA Peeling Serum and Koric 10% Niacinamide Blemish Serum to solve the puzzle of adult acne problems.

Never go to bed with Makeup On: We're all guilty of sleeping with our makeup on from time to time. Hey, it happens, but don't even think about making it a habit. This can clog your pores and trap oil, say our beauty experts. This leads to bacterial build-up and, yes, outbreaks. It can also widen pores, which nobody wants. Try a cleanser with superfood extract, a natural cleansing balm like Koric Proteinᐩ Superfood Cleansing Balm with antioxidant and anti-irritant properties with natural antibacterial properties.

J.  Watch out for your Diet and do Exercise: 

Drink plenty of fresh water with a squeeze of lemon every day; try two or three liters, say our in-house beauty experts. Eat fresh vegetables and lots of fiber; Supplementation with Vitamin D3. Exercise regularly and live an alkaline lifestyle through nutrition for maximum health.

Even beautiful skin requires amazing skincare, so in this article, we discussed how to expect your skin to change in your 20’s, what changes you should make, and things to give up in your 20's. Forgetting to take care of the delicate skin is a mistake we all make, so making it a habit in your 20’s is especially beneficial in the long run.