Skincare Trends for 2022

Skincare Trends for 2022

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What is the secret to better skincare?

In this post-pandemic world, a wellness lifestyle has become the new luxury. Skincare trends merging with beauty took center stage in the past year and became a major make-up. For a healthy glow, we now want to give our skin the nutrients it needs. We need to give our skin powerful ingredients and active botanicals that we will be covering today in our Better and Personalized Skincare segment.

How has skincare evolved over the past decade?

Defining the last decade is truly a nostalgic moment for '90s kids! As we move into new movements, platforms, tools, skills, and technologies, you're wondering how skincare has evolved over the years, and it's not at all what you imagined back then. Back in 2010, a tinted lip balm was both our soulmate and one of the most popular skincare products. Today, trends consist of skin minimalism, Korean beauty, cloth masks, and 15-step routines.

Skincare Trends 2021 that are here to stay

Beauty and skincare are two sides of the same coin, especially given the consumption shift towards sustainable and organic products. The clean beauty movement sparked a new wave in the skincare-centric beauty arena. Here are some skincare trends from the past year that have had a major impact on the industry:

Personalized Skincare

Personalized Beauty Routines formed the core of skincare trends in 2021! Personalized skincare is the result of the myriad of beauty and skincare solutions available to consumers today. Understanding the different choices and different needs of consumers, today's brands offer solutions that are unique in the market and allow you to create your own custom kit and routine.

Repair, Revitalize, Restore

Skin barriers are important. We've heard more and more about them over the past few years, and they're now the key component to having good-looking and feeling-good skin. Dryness, acne, fine lines, and irritation are controlled with ingredients like Turmeric and Lotus oil. Turmeric, a superhero in Ayurveda treatment, and lotus oil, the "elixir" of skin hydration, are great examples of barriers that repair, revitalize and restore your skin. An easy way to reap the benefits of these powerful ingredients is by using a product infused with them. A brand like Koric is rich in these powerful ingredients. Made with the goodness of organic lotus oil and plenty of powerful herbs, it cleanses and rejuvenates damaged skin.

 Application of Roller

Quartz rollers and cheek straighteners are becoming popular these days. Facial massages improve blood circulation in the skin and give it a naturally contoured appearance. Many consumers are taking notice of this trend and as we move into this New Year this trend is only increasing.

New Skincare Trends Blooming in 2022!

2022 has paved the way for various skincare trends, some are blasts from the past, and others are rooted in nature and Ayurveda. With that in mind, let's take a look at the top trends blooming this year that are set to dominate the future of the beauty and cosmetics industry.
Take a look at some of the 2022 skincare trends you can try to make a better version of yourself!

Organic Ingredients

Natural and ethically sourced botanical ingredients are the foundation of today's skincare. Reverses aging with its Vitamin E enriched blend and is also rich in Vitamin A, a natural sun protection factor (SPF-35) for sun protection. Talk about an all-in-one personalized skincare solution; you can also experience its richness in Koric’s Vitamin C Radiance Day cream with SPF 35. This product has been carefully formulated using the science of Ayurveda for radiant & healthy skin.

Minimalist and Fragrant

Skin's minimalism has definitely made its mark over the past year and continues to grow. Besides that, another trend that wins the trophy in 2022 is scented skincare. We advise against perfumes and artificial fragrances, as these could impair the hormone balance in your body. However, natural fragrances are safe, fragrant, and good for the skin. If you're wondering how the soothing scent of a skincare product can make you feel, give Koric’s Vitamin C products Rich in THD and Hyaluronic acid a chance to deeply hydrate your skin while melding you with a scent of relaxation.

DIY at Play
After the last two years of DIY at home, this is a trend we are all now trained, equipped, and ready. YouTube tutorials, one-on-one advice, and tons of online articles are the guide to your DIY skincare routines. Trendy skincare products help you recharge your batteries!
These new trends in skincare will surprise you! Imagine a barely-there complexion with a plant-based moisturizer, cleansing balm, and organic creams with fermented ingredients that essentially restore your skin with antioxidants.
If we stop, look back and reflect on the past year, we realize that real fur is in. Real, long-lasting, more powerful and consciously composed recipes are in fashion. Experience it with the nourishing products from the brand Koric.

Microbiome Skincare

The world's main focus is on promoting healthy skin this year. Micro biomes are a group of microorganisms that already exist on the skin and work for the skin.  Biome-based skincare helps the good bacteria thrive and keeps the bad bacteria from taking over. Microbiome skincare consists of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics that support your skin's immunity to keep it functioning at its best. This year, the skin will focus more on rebuilding with pH-balancing formulas, bacteria-boosting ingredients, and skincare products that create a barrier to protect the skin from harmful radicals.

A “Touch of Kindness” Approach

The biggest trend in the skincare industry that has always been and will continue to be in the spotlight is: The touch of Kindness on Skincare. Raise your hand if you’ve tried a triple cleansing with scrubs and exfoliating masks to treat common hyperpigmentation complaints, but ended up with breakouts and some irritation. The next skincare trend of 2022 is about using less harsh, nourishing skincare products and ingredients and more aligning with skin barrier health. This year, reduce the complexity of your skincare routine and avoid using heavy products that can sometimes be irresponsible. Instead, show your skin a little kindness.

Fermented Skincare

Although fermented skincare products are nothing new in the beauty industry, they will undoubtedly be the biggest Korean skincare trend in 2022. Various brands focus on products that take advantage of fermented ingredients to create skin. Increasing barriers and a healthy micro biome system. This process improves the effectiveness of the active ingredients mixed in a formula. Although the fermentation process is quite old, it's hitting the streets with the latest
benefits and more potent fermented ingredients in mainstream skincare.

At-Home Cryotherapy Facial

DIY at-home treatments will continue to storm, and the one “at-home treatment” that's expected to be seen everywhere in 2022 is the cryotherapy facial. From ice cube facials to innovative tools and formulas, this famous anti-aging skincare trend stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves circulation, reduces puffiness, and keeps skin fresh and glowing. Using the cold, cryotherapy constricts blood vessels, tightens pores, and makes the skin look firmer and rejuvenated.

 Waterless Beauty

Water is the most common ingredient in most skincare products, but the upcoming 2022 skincare trends allow us to make the switch to waterless beauty. Disclaimer, water itself is not a harmful ingredient, but to ensure products are effective, brands remove water from their formulations. With almost no preservatives, anhydrous products prevent germs from multiplying, allowing for more effective and complete results. In line with green thinking and the impact of water scarcity, this trend will be huge in 2022. From cleansing balms and cleansing powders to pressed serums and concentrated oils, the amplified power of waterless skincare comes in a diverse variety.


 Micro dosing was a big skincare trend in 2021, essentially using small amounts of active ingredients to prevent irritation and redness. Similarly, this year micro treatments will grab headlines with their mini facials and quick fix tips. Moto 2022: use less but the best. Gone are the frantic skincare frenzy and days of overlapping multiple ingredients. Now available for 2022, offers affordable skin care treatments including facial care tools and mini spot treatments based on your skin type and concern.

Less is more

Whether it is makeup or skincare, less is always more. A major shift towards skin minimalism in the past year has led us to embrace our natural skin while embracing minimalist skincare routines. The trend of reducing the number of skincare products you use and reaching for products with multitasking formulas is all you need this year. Simple skincare not only saves time (and money) but also guarantees effective results.

Blue Light Protection

Blue light comes not only from exposure to the sun, but also from our beloved cell phones and computers. Emitted by technology screens, HEV light causes eyestrain and can also penetrate the skin and contribute to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and early signs of aging. Anti-blue light skincare is a new trend that revolves around products that are loaded with antioxidants that block blue light and inflammation.

Hair 'Skinning'

Finally, hair skinning is officially mainstream! As more and more people realize the importance of scalp care, they turn to scalp serums with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, AHA, etc. which are generally limited to skin care. These ingredients target scalp health and promote optimal hair conditions.

New Antioxidants

 From masks to redness to pimples, inflammation is a big part of skincare lingo. Antioxidants provide protection and help reduce the appearance of scars and inflammation. From green tea to trendy fermented ingredients, skincare products in 2022 will be packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals.